Songs of The British Music Hall

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  • Arf A Pint Of Ale
  • Jeerusalem’s” Dead!
  • A Little Bit Of Cucumber
  • A Thing He Had Never Done Before
  • And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back
  • Are We To Part Like This, Bill?
  • At My Time Of Life
  • Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime
  • Burlington Bertie From Bow
  • Champagne Charlie
  • Cushie Butterfield
  • Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two)
  • Don’t Go Out To-night, Dear Father
  • Down At The Old Bull And Bush
  • Every Little Movement
  • Following In Father’s Footsteps
  • Half-Past Nine (My Wedding Day)
  • Have You Paid The Rent?
  • He’s Going To Marry Mary Ann
  • Heaven Will Protect An Honest Girl
  • His Lordship Winked At The Counsel
  • I Live In Trafalgar Square
  • I’m Henery The Eighth I Am
  • I’ve Got Rings On My Fingers
  • I’ve Never Lost My Last Train Yet
  • If It Wasn’t For The ’Ouses In Between
  • It’s A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit
  • It’s Alright In The Summertime
  • Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinney
  • Lily Of Laguna
  • My Old Man (Said Follow The Van)
  • Nanny
  • One Of The Deathless Army
  • Prehistoric Man
  • Seaweed
  • That’s The Reason Noo I Wear A Kilt
  • The Fire Was Burning Hot
  • The Future Mrs ’Awkins
  • The Huntsman
  • The Man Was A Stranger To Me
  • The Music Hall Shakespeare
  • The Penny Whistler
  • The Swimming Master
  • Waiting At The Church
  • We All Go To Work But Father
  • We All Went Home In A Cab
  • When I Take My Morning Promenade
  • Wotcher ’Ria
  • You’ve Got A Long Way To Go
  • Young Men Taken In And Done For

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