We rely on teachers to help us understand the language of music. At Dots, we support our schools and teachers by listening to and following their requirements for all things music. 

Welcome to our teacher's reference page. We personally know these teachers at Dots and recommend them as potential tutors wherever you are on your journey to musicianship. 


Finding the right teacher is extremely important and shouldn't be taken lightly. Start with a few candidates, meet with them and ask them about their style and approach to teaching. If they resonate with the student and they feel excited, you may have found a match. If not, keep looking. Music should be a joyous experience even though there are some boring bits to get through!



You can find and browse available teachers below by the instrument they teach. We love passion and expertise, but being a teachers requires much more. Guiding learners towards a lifelong path of music development is a skill all our teachers possess. Often they are professional musicians and composers and active in the music community of London, the UK and Europe.

Dots teachers want to share their knowledge and help, and we can't imagine learning an instrument without them.

Also of note, the  London Music Factory specialises in music tuition and has a lovely site where you can explore their stable of certified teachers. 


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