Instrument Repairs

Dots is host to two resident instrument repairers.





Enrico Savoncelli is our in-house Luthier and an accomplished guitar maker. Dragan Vujovic is our woodwind and brass repairer. They both ensure that every instrument at Dots is in top form before it leaves the shop.  

Every violin and cello is especially prepared by Enrico so that it sounds its best and is playabl out of the case. This includes bridge alignment, peg cleaning, string replacement and sound post setting.

Dragan ensures consistent air flow, pad servicing, valve lubrication and upgrading of internals to all our woodwind and brass instruments.

Both repairers are seasoned restorers and would be happy to assess and appraise an instrument. Just drop the instrument off at the shop and we'll get back to you with an estimate. Please follow the links below for details of common repairs we carry out.