The team behind Dots Music Camden

Madi Weland Solomon

Owner/Managing Director


Madi previously held corporate executive roles in large multi-national companies as a data specialist before deciding  to do something completely different. Seeking a more analogue second half of her professional career, she was looking for something that would provide a closer association with the local communities.  When she followed up on a news article announcing the pending retirement of Dot and Noel Fraser, she discovered her calling.

In addition to her corporate experience, Madi is also a musician. Her classical piano training began at the age of five in Japan where she was born. Along the way she picked up a guitar, a banjo, the ukulele and an Irish harp.  She was first chair percussion in the marching and concert band in her US high school and was the recipient of the Orion Award for Musical Achievement.  She is currently in her second year of jazz piano tutelage and obsessed with Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson.  For her, music is a lifelong passion and acquiring Dots Music Shop was a way to support others who also share this interest.


Edward Jackman

Store Manager


Edward is the former Chairman of the Independent Classical Specialists (ICS), a retailer's association for independent CD retailers specialising in Classical Music. As Chairman he organised meetings and venues for conferences and represented the needs and requirements of the music retail industry. Previous to joining Dots, he was the store Manager at Les Aldrich Music in Muswell Hill and brings 10 years of knowledge in music retail to Dots. He is responsible for store financial, resource, supplier, and line management. He streamlines sales processes and manages staff and customer retention in addition to the many ad hoc talents needed to keep clients happy.

Ed is also a consummate pianist in both classical and jazz and enjoys teaching piano to his students. He finds inspiration from Glenn Gould and the Russian composers such as Rachmaninov and Shostakovich. Before HMV Music closed its doors, he was responsible for maintaining the Classical section of recordings and maintains an expertise in this genre.


Rob Matthews

Sales and Services


Rob is a guitarist and can regularly be seen (and heard)  around London with his band Kill Your Darlings. His background ranges from providing research for the Natural History Museum, professional photographer, to managing a music shop in Muswell Hill. He brings over 4 years of music retail experience to Dots and is well versed in all things guitar and stringed instruments. His experience as a gigging musician also provides deep knowledge of  electrical equipment and accessories. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is among Rob's many musical idols.