Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone

SKU 3722G

This multi-award winning Alto Saxophone, designed for the new and improving player, produces a great sound and projection offering a level of quality and reliability not often found at this price range. 

Initially designed in 1993 this Trevor James Saxophone was built to fit into the distinctive, reasonably priced student saxophone category without compromising quality. 
With easy sound production, excellent build quality and an affordable price tag it was a hit. 

As such Trevor James have gone with the ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mind set. With some minor tweaks the Classic II stays true to the design objectives of the original Horn all the way back in the distant 90s offering an instrument that is a perfect balance of quality and affordability.


Features and Specification:

  • Free blowing
  • Durable
  • Updated crook design
  • High quality Italian pads with metal reflectors
  • High quality TJ mouthpiece
  • High quality neck strap
  • Ligature and cap
  • Reed
  • Lightweight contoured carry case with backpack straps
  • Ideal for the new and improving player 


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