Theory Of Music Made Easy Grade 3 Lina Ng

by Faber
SKU MPT300303
Having covered basic theory in the first two volumes, the third tackles more complex issues such as chord structures and compound time, chapters that act as a revision for work from earlier grades, as well as the topics required to sit the ABRSM Grade 3 Theory Exam. Contents: Demisemiquaver; Major Keys With Four Sharps Or Flats; Tonic Triads; Beyond 2 Ledger Lines; Transposition; Compound Time (6/8, 9/8, 12/8); Rules of Compound Time; Minor Keys with Four Sharps Or Flats; Grouping Notes And Rests In Compound Time; Scales And Key Signature (Revision); Four-Bar Rhythm; Intervals; Simple Phrase Structure; Performance Directions; General Exercises; Revision.

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