ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces 2017 & 2018, Grade 2

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This book contains nine pieces from ABRSM’s 2017 & 2018 Grade 2 Piano syllabus.
Key features:
• three pieces from each of Lists A, B and C
• appealing and varied repertoire
• carefully edited and clearly presented throughout
• helpful information about the pieces and the exam
All of the pieces on the Grade 2 syllabus have been recorded by ABRSM examiners
Vanessa Latarche and Anthony Williams, and jazz pianist Nikki Iles. The
recordings are available on CD as part of the Piano Exam Pieces with CD package,


  1. Allegretto: first movement from Sonatina No. 3 in F [Thomas Attwood]
  2. Ein Madchen oder Weibchen (from _Die Zauberflote_, K. 620) [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]
  3. La Mourisque [Tylman Susato]
  4. Song: second movement from Serenade, Op. 183 No. 1 [Carl Reinecke]
  5. Waltz in G: No. 2 from _Poklad melodii_, Vol. 2 [Bedrich Smetana]
  6. The Stowaway: No. 7 from _Ship Ahoy!_ [Stanley Wilson]
  7. The Piper o' Dundee [Trad. Scottish]
  8. The Cat (from _Peter and the Wolf_, Op. 67) [Sergey Prokofiev]
  9. Gospel Flair: No. 43 from _Mini Jazz_, Vol. 1 [Manfred Schmitz]

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