Champion Cork Grease


10g premium cork grease from leading and respected brass and woodwind specialists Champion. A must-have accessory for all brass and woodwind musicians, Champion Cork Grease is specially designed to make assembly/disassembly of neck joints and other tuning pieces easier, to keep your instrument performing at its highest level, to improve playability and to increase the lifespan of instruments.

Manufactured from a blend of natural, non-hazardous and odourless ingredients, Champion Cork Grease is the perfect solution for ensuring a tight seal between brass tuning slides, and also guarantees that cork joints on woodwind instruments retain their natural structure and do not dry out – all resulting in instruments that are easier to play and, most importantly, sound their very best.

The lip-stick style design makes Champion Cork Grease easy to apply using the twist applicator. The tightly sealed cap ensures the grease remains well protected when not being used.

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