Alhambra 2c classical

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The Alhambra 2C Classical guitar is perfect for students, it is powerful instrument which produces a good quality sound and wide range of tones. The guitar has a solid top and is cedar top.  As you play this guitar for the first time, you will be able to enjoy the great volume and clarity it produces. It is an instrument which offers a much larger range of tonal possibilities to create different kinds of timbre and color in the sound.

This guitar is suitable for beginners especially those who are learning to play the guitar as it offers many possibilities of interpretation and players are able to use it for different styles.

Nice aesthetics and finished with care

A beautiful guitar, stylized and carefully finished. Like the model 1C, the back and side of this student guitar are made with Sapelli, Indian rosewood is used to create the fingerboard and it has nickel-plated machine heads.

In this case, the finish of the model 2C has a double binding, adding one in the back, and you also have the opportunity to choose between Cedar or Spruce for the top.

Having a good solid top always contributes directly to get the great sound of this guitar.

The choice between Cedar or Spruce for the top is important and depends on the taste of the interpreter. There are differences in the color of the guitar sound depending on the type of wood used. In addition, the aesthetics also change in a radical way, the colour of Spruce being much clearer than the one of Cedar.

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