Yeah Girl, by Gabrielle Connole

Dots is exhibiting a photography project by Gabrielle Connole in the shop windows.

Yeah Girl, August 2022. London, UK.

Black and white digital photographic prints, 59x84 cm


Artist's statement:

‘Yeah girl’ is a black and white photographic series that documents a fabulous 10 year old London drummer girl ’Tallulah’ as she rocks out to Aretha Franklin and David Bowie. Women and girls in drumming are still underrepresented, so when I had the opportunity to meet with Tallulah I was eager to witness her in the zone. I am driven to showcase the spirit and energy of an uprising of girls and women in a diverse range of settings. To be exhibited in the windows of The Dots- Music store Camden feels a fitting way to celebrate the fierceness of London Drummer girl, Tallulah.

More on Gabrielle Connole: 

 As a young girl, my mother Elizabeth introduced me to 35mm film while exploring the Australian desert. Since then my whole consciousness has drawn me towards the camera. My practice spans photography, light sculpture, video, sound, and public art programs. I refer to these mediums when examining themes of girlhood, womanhood, community, and ancestry. Having grown up in regional Australia, I often choose to create work through remote settings that hold personal significance. I love to completely immerse myself in faraway locations, from the Australian Western Desert to the tiny Irish town of Kilfenora, County Clare.

My practice invites subtle moments of transformation for myself and the audience/participants. When exhibiting work, I create a fantastical narrative that adopts a combination of my workshop realisations and unexpected combinations of personally meaningful materials. I often play with the duality of the feminine.

Feeling into the tensions of our current social context, my practice is the way that I counteract the lack of authentic connection and equality. My work is a graceful interception.


Thank you Gabrielle for letting us celebrate your work and for featuring young musicians such as Tallulah. Music is a joy and we at Dots are committed to supporting musicians.