Rob Matthews

How I'm Getting Through Lockdown


I have busy working remotely with the other band members of ORNAMENT. We have been submitted to a lot of magazines, blogs and labels for review and getting some nice decent so far, including a feature on the cover of BN1 magazine, culture for Brighton. Recently released our first single and have a second release due out in 2 weeks from now. We have all also been recording and writing songs and videos at home. 


Instagram Link for Ornament:

Personally I have been getting through this time with a lot of photography, focusing on macro shots of pond life! Also quizzes with friends on zoom. Funny how social interaction with a wider group of people has gone way up during this time. I have been speaking to various musician friends and watching live streams. Very personal performances, interesting insights into their music and also plenty of good advice. A common struggle with mental health and some very helpful words going round from a wide variety of creative people. 

What I'm Listening to

This is a Link to a playlist of songs I am currently listening to - I listen to songs on repeat for weeks as I find I really engage with them in great detail:

Home Studio

I have set up a home studio, keyboard, guitar and synth linked up and appreciating the time to get to grips with creative pursuits like this. Everyone is of course struggling and it is a fight to keep motivation but there is a lot of inspiration around at the moment in the way of live streams and the content bands and artists are putting out. 




Oh and also always worth mentioning DIY questionable haircuts...