Music in the Tokyo Olympics

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics left me in tears. It was so utterly sad and moving. An opening ceremony for what we realise now is a long marathon rather than the sprint we had all hoped for.

A big smile came from watching and listening to one of my favourite jazz musicians, Hiromi Uehara otherwise known simply as Hiromi. She is a delightfully virtuosic musician with several albums worth listening to.

She recorded an album with Chick Corea titled Duet. This is an exhausting listen in the best way. These two powerhouses lift each other up, challenge each other, and take the other to unexpected places. Their stamina alone could match any Olympian.


Another joy of the Opening Ceremony was the Song of the Ancients, a tribute to the under recognised composers of gaming theme songs and sound tracks. A nice homage to the "screen life" we've been living these last several months.


Classic FM has a very good synopsis of all the music played during the ceremony, including all the video games themes they used.


Go Team GB!