Madi Weland Solomon

How I'm Getting Through Lockdown

 I'm in a country Americana band called The Handlers where I play banjo, percussion, accordion, keyboards and back up vocals. The two leads, VirgieLynne and Corrado are learning how to create remote sessions online. I haven't perfected it yet but have lost many enjoyable hours to trying to figure it out. 

Check out some of their sessions on Instagram:
The Handlers (@thehandlers_official)

2 new songs have been released on Spotify:


I also play jazz piano and you can find me playing to the lead sheets from the IRealPro app on my iPad. I can only play jazz when I am in touch with my emotions, which hasn't been easy in lockdown. I often find that the last thing I want to do is be in touch with my emotions so I end up on TikTok wasting time. When I do play, it is healing.

Ode to Joy

My Irish harp had been neglected, so I brought it out when the National Youth Orchestra did their Ode To Joy event. What a lovely instrument. I'm keeping it out so I play it more. A very soothing sound much needed.

Dancing like nobody is watching

When I'm not playing an instrument, I am listening to music. Dancing in the kitchen while cooking is a form of therapy coming into full recognition during lockdown.

You can listen to what I'm listening to on my Spotify page: spotify:user:madisolomon

Singing with Friends

And finally, I have weekly virtual cocktails with friends every week. They have asked me to lead them in sing-alongs and here are our favourite songs to sing - to SING OUT LOUD. For those few minutes, everything disappears. Feel free to put on your best American accent and sing to these songs. It's different from just listening to them.

 Keep visiting these pages as they will be updated regularly.

Stay safe and sane everyone. To quote from another Laura Nyro song, "I'm not going to tell you what I'm drinking."