Latest Updates on Dots Music

Hello musicians, parents, students and teachers.

May 15, 2020

Dots Music Shop is now open. We've lowered the black and white awning and our doors are open.

Things are not the same however. We're making small incremental movements towards what will become our newly re-invented shop. Please check this page regularly to learn of the latest adjustments.

Here are some of the changes so far:

  • The shop is open, but customers are no longer allowed to browse in the shop.
  • Shop hours are Wednesday - Sunday 11:00 - 4:00
  • Customers may request any items in the shop and staff will get them for you if we have it in stock
  • We'll place items on the table outside for you to look at if there are choices available
  • Staff wear masks and disposal gloves so we'll look a little different
  • Rental instruments can be picked up at the shop or delivered to you
  • Our online shop is getting revamped so you'll have a better idea of what's available 

These restrictions are likely to change, so keep checking on this page and we'll keep you posted throughout.

So many members of the community have already stopped by to say hello and to tell us how happy they are to see us open. It's been wonderful to see you all again, even from the distance that we're growing accustomed to.

Hope to see you all soon.