Dots Music Shop and Handles Coffee. 

Introducing Handles Coffee

You might have a noticed an extension to Dots Music Shop lately? We’ve partnered with Handles Coffee, a premium coffee cart, who has made Dots keyboard porch their new home station.

It was always a dream of Antonio D’Angelo to have his own business.  After graduating with a Fine Arts degree in graphic design, Antonio spent time doing website design and internships trying to build momentum in his arts career. To make ends meet, he supplemented his income with part-time work at a cafe. There he learned the skills of the barista which piqued his interest in coffee brewing. Following this path of interest, he became a manager of a specialty coffee house for 2 years and this allowed him to hone the specifications for his own coffee business.

Utilising his well trained aesthetics he designed and built the coffee cart by hand, and selected Caravan Coffee Roasters, one of the best roasters in London, as his quality coffee beans of choice. 

A little about Caravan Coffee Roasters.

According to the Batch Coffee website, Caravan Coffee Roasters was listed as one of the top 20 London rosters in London for 2020.

Caravan Coffee Roasters is based at Lamb Works, an 8,500 square foot redeveloped Victorian warehouse on North Road in Islington, London. The site houses the eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster, quality control lab, coffee school, bakery, drinks lab, events space and head offices for both the restaurant and roastery businesses.

They cater to several high end restaurants including The Savoy where they recenlty opened a cafe.

Love and Coffee

Antonio brings the best of London to our humble corner in Camden with his partner Dona Kozakowska. You’ll see Dona on the weekends with Antonio when she isn’t completing her Masters in Historic Conservation. (Soon enough we hope that she’ll rally for Dots Music Shop to become a listed historic building!)  They met and fell in love in a coffee shop. They understand the power of how coffee and tea can bring us together.

Handles Coffee approached Dots after several months of bicycling around London looking for the ideal spot. It’s no surprise that he stopped at Dots as the black & white motif works perfectly with his design of Handles Coffee. 

We are happy to bring premium coffee to our local community in Camden. Their coffee is superb. Not only do they use high quality roasted beans, they also use specialty waters to brew them with (London tap water clearly not up to par). The result is a superior cup of coffee at a very reasonable price. 

With pandemic measures in place, Handles Coffee is for take away only for now, but when restriction ease, we plan to set up a few outdoor bistro tables.

Help keep independent business alive. Drop by, buy a cup coffee, and spread the love.


We are local. We are authentic. We believe in community.