Gligas arrived, La Foglia's on their way

Our fleet of Gliga violins have arrived and are already being snapped up. We love these violins and hope that we can continue to bring them into the UK with nominal custom tariff charges. Gliga violins are handmade in Romania using the exception wood from the Carpathian mountains. If you're thinking of investing in a violin, please drop by and give these instruments a try. They sound incredible and their price is very affordable.

Our own brand, La Foglia violins have arrived are being prepared by our luthier. These student violins are expertly prepared and a favourite of violin teachers. La Foglia instruments offer something that is far better than the usual student-entry fare with their sturdy body and warm and sustained tone. Watch this space to learn when they are in the shop.

Thank you for supporting your local independent business. We are in gratitude to all our customers.