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Gliga Violins, Gliga Violas

Gliga violins have arrived!

Our new fleet of Gliga violins have arrived. Our luthier Jonathan Derbyshire is busy carefully preparing each one and as this takes time, we only have a limited number of prepared Gligas on the shop floor but a steady stream of them are arriving weekly.

A steady stream of them are also leaving the shop so please check in with us to confirm stock availability.


Our new fleet of Gligas below. Grab one soon.

Violin outfits - includes case, bow, and rosin

1/4 violin: £295.00
3/4 Genial I: £350.00
4/4 Genial I: £385.00
4/4 Genial II: £315 (out of stock)
4/4 Gems I: £485.00
4/4 Gems I Genova: £665
4/4 Gama: £850.00

Viola outfits - includes case, bow, and rosin
14" viola £350.00
15" viola, £350.00 
14" viola x-rental SALE £300.00
15.5"  viola x-rental SALE: £300.00

What is a Gliga violin?

These beautiful handmade violins and violas come from the Romanian town of Reghin, set in the Carpathian mountain forests of Transylvania.

This famous violin-making region has been a centre of excellence for over 300 years. The Gliga workshops were opened in 1991 and one of the violins made there became a treasured possession of Sir Yehudi Menuhin.

These instruments are reasonably priced with a deep rich sound that comes from the European tonewoods of the area. Each violin is prepared by our Luthier JD Derbyshire who cleans or replaces the ebony pegs, adjusts the bridges, upgrades the strings, fits instruments with 4 Wittner fine tuners, and checks for sound balance and tone. Each Gliga violin must pass JD's highest standards.

Our starting range

  • The "Genial 1" in (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes) which is ideal for the serious beginner
  • The "Gems 1" perfect for the advanced student or adult returner.
  • The "Genova Advanced" which would suit the more serious amateur player or as a backup for performers
  • The "Gama", our highest quality Professional level violin with superior tonewoods and delicate construction. This is suitable as a second violin for an orchestral player. 

    A few notes on construction

    All our Gliga models are constructed from solid Carpathian resonance spruce, with either solid ebony or rosewood pegs, fingerboards and tailpieces. They are finished with an oil varnish (11 coats) that helps preserve a superior tone to that of the cheaper instrument finished with Nitro spray varnish.

    If you have any specific requirements in set-up please don't hesitate to contact us in advance to ensure the work can be carried out.


    Drop by and try one out

    Choosing an instrument is a very personal one and requires (in our opinion) the act of actually holding the instrument in your hand and listening to it.

    There is no other place in London where Gliga violins are prepared by an accredited Luthier or where you can try one out in store.

    There's no need to make an appointment, just phone (0207 482 5424) or email us ( to let us know when you would like to drop by so we can be sure to have the violins ready for you.

    The back room of Dots is an intimate place where you will be left to take in the sound and feel of each violin. Our staff are masked and hand sanitiser is in every room. We also have an air filter to keep our ventilation as clean as possible.

    For specific details of each model see our products page.