Gliga Viola Rental Offer

Dots Music is encouraging viola players this month with a special offer.

We are promoting our beautiful hand-made Romanian Gliga violas with a special rental offer:

We are lifting our three month minimum  and offering a one month rental of a beautiful viola for £20.00.

We have 15 and 16.5 inch violas available.

£20.00 and you can take an exquisite instrument home for a trial run. If, after a month, you find that you take to it and would like to purchase it, we'll reimburse the £20 rental, and offer a further discount on the price of the viola.

These violas usually go for £350, but with this offer, you can purchase a Gliga viola for £310.00 after a one month rental. That's £40 off the normal purchase price.

Rent a viola from Dots for £20.00 a month. Drop by the shop anytime and take a look at these gorgeous Gliga violas.